Get Started With Your Own Clothing Line – How We Can Help

– A Quick Guide to How We Can Help You Start Your Own Clothing Line, Design Your Fashion Label and Get Your Clothing Line Made and In Stores.


So your ready to either start your own clothing line or you have started it. Or maybe you just want to start designing clothing. Or maybe your even looking for manufacturers to sell your line. Well you are at the right place! has you covered. We created this page to show you how to get started with your own line! Even if you are a complete newbie to fashion design our products will walk you step by step through the whole process. We will get you off and running, giving you a clear path as to how to accomplish your fashion goals. Also note that although we are based in the USA, our products are and can be used anywhere in the world. In fact, we have clients in over 50 countries. We have been serving fashion industry clients since 2004.


Getting Your Business Together – Best Practices


1. Are you starting your own clothing line and need true industry guidance that will walk you step by step through creating your clothing line, clothing line business plan, how to design your line, how to trademark your line without spending thousands, how to send your designs to manufacturers, how to get manufacturers to make small quantities, quality things you should look for, how to evaluate a manufacturer, how to evaluate a manufacturers lead time, getting samples made cheaply, do you need to send patterns to your manufacturer, how to effectively sell your line to retailers, setting up your e-commerce website, etc. Our products can help any type of clothing line that you are creating.


A: See the Official Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line.  >>Here


B. Choose a package that has the Official Guide in it already to save money on it.  >>Here


C. See How to Start A Clothing Line Page in 10 Steps. >>Here


D. Read How to Address The Major Issues of Starting Your Own Clothing Line. >> Here


E. Read our Blog for additional help articles and tips. >>Here 




Designing Your Awesome Clothing Line 


2. You want to design your own clothing line or just design clothing period. Did you know that most lines use fashion design software or a graphics program to create their designs for their fashion label? It is true. So if you are looking for a totally cool program that you can use to design your clothing line with that is also super easy to use and creates professional sketches. Then you have found the right software. Digital Fashion Pro is your answer. Maybe you can’t draw or maybe you can – either way fashion design software is needed if you want to present your designs to manufacturers in an approved manufacturer-ready format.


You can design couture, menswear, women’s wear, sportswear, bridal, lingerie, swimwear, handbags, hats, shoes, high fashion, active wear, ready-to-wear, sportswear, couture, outerwear, urban, streetwear, sleepwear, costumes and more. Start creating professional fashion sketches today with Digital Fashion Pro – the Fashion Industry’s number one fashion design software for clothing lines.


A. See the Guide to Designing a Clothing Line With Digital Fashion Pro. >>Here


How to design your own clothing


B. 10 Steps to Designing Clothing and Your Own Clothign Line. >>Here


C. Buy Digital Fashion Pro From Our Online Store.  >>Here


D. Compare Packages >>Here



Getting Your Line Made


 3. You are looking for manufacturers to make your line.  


A. Get our HA Ultimate Fashion Contact List E-Book.  >>Here


B. See the Guide to How to Get Your Clothing Made. >>Here 


C. Choose a package the Ultimate Fashion Contact List to save money.  >>Here


D. Get our Fashion Business Center to create your spec sheets (Needed by manufacturers).  >>Here


E. Choose a package that has the Fashion Business Center in it to save money.  >>Here



Our Total Solutions To Help You With Starting Your Line, Designing It & Getting It Made


4. You are starting your line, need software to design it, need spec sheet templates and manufacturers to make it.


A. Get our Fashion Mogul Package – Get the primary things we offer in one discounted bundle.  >>Here


B. Or Get our Style Blast Package (Our largest package that has everything we directly (HA Published) that we offer at a huge discount.  >>Here


C. If you don’t need Digital Fashion Pro Software but would like the other business items – See Our All Business Package.   >>Here


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