Digital Fashion Pro Features & Benefits That Can Help You Communicate Your Fashion Vision:


* Super Easy to Use!

* Create Beautiful Professional Clothing & Fashion Sketches

* Can’t Draw? No Problem! Drawing Skills & Experience Not Required!

* Includes Model Poses, Hundreds of Customizable Clothing Style Templates & Digital Fabrics

* Easy to Follow Step by Step Training / Learn the Program Quickly! 

* Training Includes Videos Tutorials & Written Tutorials With Screenshots

* Course Goes Over Many Important Aspects of Being a Fashion Label Designer

* Ability to Design Your Own Clothing Line, Become a Fashion Designer

* Create Manufacturer-Ready Fashion Sketches to Get Your Line Made

* + Packages to Help You Start Your Line, Get It In Stores , Manufacturing Contacts / Factories

* Free Technical Support & Help / Works With Windows & Mac

* Use Your Sketches For Line Sheets, Catalogs, Lookbooks, Portfolios, Fashion Illustration, Storyboards etc.

* 2 T-Shape Basic Arms Out Model Pose Flats (Man & Woman / Front & Back) + Side View Pose

* See How Your Designs Will Look on a Real Person Using DFP Model Poses

* Up to 1400 Digital Fabrics: Denim, Leather, Suede, Cotton, Knit, Rhinestones, Sequins & More

* Easily Swap Digital Fabrics & Colors In & Out Of Your Designs 

* Ability to Also Add Your Own Artwork, Logos, Prints, Patterns + Training On Creating Them

* Use Your DFP Sketches to Get Your Clothing Made by an Apparel Manufacturer

* Streamline Your Design Flow – Create Faster, Smarter & More Efficiently – Reduce Repetitive Task

* Optional Upgrades That Add More Features Like Designer Templates, More Poses, Fabrics & Training

* Lifetime License – No Monthly Fees

* A Fashion Industry Trusted Brand Name Since 2004


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