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Learn about Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software System below. If you have a question, it is probably answered here. For what is the difference between Digital Fashion Pro Basic and other packages / how to decide which package to get – see #14 below. If it is not please visit our additional FAQ’s Page on our Customer Service Page.


1. Is Digital Fashion Pro easy to use?  The supplied training materials will have you up and creating in no time. Program is easy to learn even for beginners.  It was created with the knowledge that most people have never used a graphic program.  Whether you are an advance user or a true beginner – you will find Digital Fashion Pro easy to use.

2. Have artwork that you want to put on the templates?  Import your artworks, logos etc. and add them to the templates.

3. Have your own fabric photos that you want to use?  No problem, you can even add your own fabric if you like.

4. Can I print my designs out?  Yes. You can print your designs out on any kind of printer.

5. Can I change the templates or modify them?  Absolutely Yes. All the templates are vector so you can manipulate them easy.  Watch Video.

6. What if I want to add a certain kind of sleeve or collar?  You can do so by using our easy drawing method to add it.

7. What file types can I save my designs in?  SVG and EMF. You can Export Files as Bitmap PNG.

8. What file types do most manufacturers like to receive the designs in?  Varies but you will be able to create a file format you can send.  You will have no problem in getting your designs to your manufacturer.

9. How do I create my own technical sketches?  We teach you how in a training video located on the Beyond the Basics Upgrade.

10. Can I use any of the upgrades without Digital Fashion Pro?  No. Digital Fashion Pro is needed to use any of the upgrades. To pick which package or upgrades you need – it is based on what you want to design and what upgrades if necessary cover the those items if they aren’t covered in the Basic Edition.



11. Can I download the program?  No, it ships out via mail then you install it on your computer and it is yours forever. No license renewals.

12. I can’t draw, will the program still help me?  Absolutely. You don’t have to know how to draw to be able to create professional sketches.

13. Can I add stitches and text to my designs?  Absolutely. It is easy to add stitches and text to your sketches.

14. What is the difference between Digital Fashion Pro Basic and the other Digital Fashion Pro Packages such as Business Class etc.? How do I choose between them?  The same Basic Edition is included in all package meaning that is not where the difference is. The difference between packages is the extra upgrades that come with each package. Each upgrade library contains additional resources that will enhance your designing experiences. Example: Say you design jackets. Jackets are not covered in the Basic Edition. The Business Class Edition comes with 3 extra upgrades and one of which is the Style Pack. The Style Pack includes Jackets. For additional help on which package has what you need – see the comparison chart.

15. Can I create my own line sheets, catalogs, portfolios etc.?  You can create the design sketch portion that goes on these items.

16. How up-to-date is Digital Fashion Pro?  Digital Fashion Pro Basic is always current. It is updated regularly.

17. Will Digital Fashion Pro teach me how to start my own line?  No, it covers designing. See our book called The Official Step By Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line for that.

18. How long has Digital Fashion Pro been around?  Digital Fashion Pro was created in 2004.

19. How do I know if the product is right for me?  Read all about it on this web site and watch the demo videos.

20. Are there any big names using the software?  Yes but we can mention many of them due to privacy issues. See our client list.



21. Can I scan in my own designs and use them in the program?  You can scan them with another program then import.

22. What all comes with the Basic Version?  Digital Fashion Pro Templates, Fabrics, Training Materials and Free Graphics program.

23. Can I add sizes to my designs?  Sizes can be added manually to any design. A sketch is a sketch until you use measurements to define it.

24. Can I create plus size, big and tall, maternity etc.?  Yes. Again, a sketch is a sketch until you add measurements to define it. See Plus Size

25. What if I want to use regular color instead of Digital Fabrics?  Absolutely. You can use regular color and there are a lot!

26. Am I limited only to designing with the templates?  No, you can create your own designs from scratch if you like. You can design anything.

27. How often is the software updated?  We normally don’t update the basic or upgrades – we add new upgrades that may feature new styles.

28. How many computers can I install the program on?  One program per computer. Additional licenses can be purchased for a nice discount. Just inquire when ordering or send us an email before hand for details.

29. Can I design children & baby clothing?  Yes. You need Digital Fashion Pro + Style Pack 1.

30. Can I design shoes?   Yes. You need Digital Fashion Pro + Shoes & Accessories Pack 1 or Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition.



31. Can I design Lingerie and underwear?  You need Digital Fashion Pro + Style Pack 1.

32. Are there fronts and backs of the templates?  Yes, there are fronts and backs of most templates.

33. Can I design swimwear?  We recommend Digital Fashion Pro + Style Pack Upgrade.

34. I want to design jeans?  We recommend Digital Fashion Pro, Digital Fabric Library and the Denim Wash Factory (Optional)

35. Who do I send my designs to after I create them?  To start a line, we recommend one of our starting a clothing packages that comes with the HA Ultimate List of Manufacturers and The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line Book.

36. I can’t sew, should I be worried about creating patterns?  Unless you are a person that sews at home – you will not need to make your own patterns. Let the professionals, seamstresses or manufacturers make your patterns. Digital Fashion Pro will help you make the sketches and technical sketches which are the foundation of patterns and garment production.

37. What all do I need to be able to install it?  See system requirements.

38. I have a MAC / Apple Computer, can I use it?  Please see system requirements to see what you need to run program.

39. I don’t have any prior experience designing or using software, will I be okay?  Yes. Training courses are step by step and will have you ready to go! Whether you are a professional or just starting – the professional results you can achieve are the same. You only live once and if fashion is something you’ve always had a passion for – then don’t let your experience level stop you from going after your dreams.

40. What is the primary purpose of Digital Fashion Pro?  The program was created to help designers create professional fashion sketches quickly and easily without all of the redundancy involved in creating designs. It also was designed so that designers could incorporate real fabric into their designs to give their designs a more realistic look so that others will know exactly what your fashion vision is without guessing.  We want people regardless to their drawing ability to be able to create their designs easily so that they can get their career as a fashion designer or get their clothing line going successfully.



41. Is there a free trial version I can download? No. DFP is also a course so we cannot issue it as a trial version or demo.

42. Can I create my labels, buttons, logos, artwork, and hangtags with the program?  Yes. We do recommend Beyond the Basics be included as a part of your order for additional help.

43. Can I design using my mouse or do I need something else?  You can use your mouse to design with the program. All of the designs featured on the site were done with a mouse.

44. Can I create 3D sketches? Digital Fashion Pro creates 2D Flat Industry Standard Sketches. 2D flat sketches are needed by clothing manufacturers to create a garment. Plus 2D technical sketches and spec sheet with measurements of course.


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